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This is also spelled out in set of answers to questions nobody has asked yet, but I thought I should make it a separate post just to be clear.

This is a place to share and discuss recipes, based on things like how good they taste, how easy they are to make, how they make awesome leftovers, or how convenient they are for taking to work or school for lunch. It is also potentially a place to discuss your own experiences with intuitive eating, because if they’re anything like mine, listening to and trusting your body is not often easy.

Any comments complaining about bad or unhealthy foods, denigrating anyone for the way they look or eat, or “educating” me about the dangers of obesity will be deleted. Period. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with it. Any diet talk will also be deleted. If you’re looking for support for weight loss, you’ve got the whole rest of the internet who are right there with you on the FAT KILLS bandwagon. This is my sandbox, and if you piss me off you don’t get to play in it.


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