Questions No One Has Asked Yet

What is this blog?
This is a recipe blog devoted to the philosophy of health at every size and intuitive eating. What does that mean? It means that no recipe on this blog will make reference to calorie counting, weight loss, “guilty pleasures,” “healthy” alternatives to the food you actually want to eat, “good foods” vs. “bad foods,” or anything else about food besides its tasty and nourishing properties. This is a place where food is morally neutral, where eating is a pleasurable activity that also happens to be necessary for keeping yourself alive and well. It is a breath of fresh air where you can be free from the food police who want you to hate yourself for being hungry.

Why does this blog exist?
Because I got tired of having to read about other peoples’ food guilt in my quest to find ways to feed myself.

Who is this blog for?
The short answer is, everyone who wants it. The long answer is that I hope it will appeal to the fat acceptance community (and the size acceptance community, and the fat liberation community, and the fat-positive community, etc…) I also hope it will appeal to people who like food. This is not a political or an activist blog, it’s just a blog that refuses to moralize about food or eating. Finally, I’d like it to be a safe haven for people recovering from eating disorders, and I’d love to have contributors who are knowledgeable about cooking for food allergies and medical conditions that require special diets. But I am getting ahead of myself.

So you think people should just eat whatever they want?
Yes, for carefully-defined values of want. Intuitive eating is not about wolfing down whatever’s in front of you, or eating piles of “junk food” and not caring about your health. It is about listening to your body (for many people it begins with a long and difficult process of relearning how to listen to your body), and being aware of what food you need for your own health. Please read What’s Intuitive Eating?

But don’t you realize FAT is UNHEALTHY?
Many more people have written on this subject far more eloquently than I could. I suggest you read some of what they have to say about it. Read Shapely Prose, The F-Word, Big Fat Deal, Junkfood Science, to name a few. Watch Joy Nash’s Fat Rants.

And then save your concern for the fatties for someone else, because I’m not going to deal with it. This is a place to share and discuss recipes, based on things like how good they taste, how easy they are to make, how they make awesome leftovers, or how convenient they are for taking to work or school for lunch. It is also potentially a place to discuss your own experiences with intuitive eating, because if they’re anything like mine, listening to and trusting your body is not often easy.

Any comments complaining about bad or unhealthy foods, denigrating anyone for the way they look or eat, or “educating” me about the dangers of obesity will be deleted. Period. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with it. Any diet talk will also be deleted. If you’re looking for support for weight loss, you’ve got the whole rest of the internet who are right there with you on the FAT KILLS bandwagon. This is my sandbox, and if you piss me off you don’t get to play in it.

Aren’t you just a fat girl making excuses?
No actually, I’m pretty thin. Every so often I get told I don’t eat enough or that I’m too skinny. It kinda sucks. Kinda like how anytime a stranger comments on your body like it’s property intended for their evaluation, or takes it upon themselves to question your ability to care for yourself without actually knowing anything about you, it sucks. I’ve watched too many of my friends and family members struggle to lose weight, treat their bodies as the enemy and hate themselves for being unable to conquer that enemy. It really sucks. And I don’t think any of us should have to take it anymore, so this is me doing my little part to make that a reality.



  1. abbygriffith2 said

    Hey, your food blog rocks! I am making the granola right now. It smells so good.

    • the granola is so good! how did yours turn out? I seem to be about 50/50 on burning it

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