Baking Fail

Tonight was one of those illustrations of why I should stay far, far away from jobs where important outcomes hinge on my ability complete a task correctly the first time I try. At the very least, not until I get my sleep difficulties under control. Grad school combined with a significant other living 3 times zones west of me makes it difficult for me to manage my DSPS. So it’s a good thing I’m not in, say, medical school. Fortunately sleep deprivation actually aids my non-linear creative endeavors, so being in a species of “design” program works out well.

I also ramble when I’m sleep-deprived, maybe you’ve noticed? The point is I tried to make this gem from my trusty Better Homes and Gardens called “brownie pudding cake” but I forgot to put in baking powder, the recipe’s only leavening agent. Turns out unleavened brownie pudding cake bears no resemblance to brownies, or pudding, or cake. The watery liquid on top of the doughy bottom layer did bear some resemblance to crappy hot cocoa.

I should probably leave the baking for days when I am a little more well-rested.


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