Long time no food!

Yes, it’s been ages since I posted. Sorry for the long silence. There’s this thing where grad school is a lot of work! I was hoping to make a habit of posting soon after I cook, but I keep cooking on Sunday nights, and then when I’m done I just want to sleep, and then suddenly another week has gone by…

Ahem. I have indeed been continuing to cook, and I will do my best to write some recipe posts this weekend. For now, I will share some links. For example, my adventures in unfamiliar culinary territory have tended to go something like this. Bitten, by the way, is an excellent food blog by the author of How to Cook Everything, which will probably be the next cookbook I buy, to join Better Homes and Gardens (I have the 10th edition) and Vegetarian Planet, a much-appreciated graduation gift.

For the most part though, when I am trying to find meal ideas I go first to Tastebook, which is a great resource for finding and organizing recipes. You could also probably help them stay in business by ordering one of their beautiful custom cookbooks, if keeping a stack of recipe printouts on top of the microwave isn’t your style.

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